Monday, October 17, 2011

Yoga in Chaos with Bibi McGill

Bibi McGill, musical director for Beyonce, volunteers with the Portland based organization, Street Yoga, a group that brings yogic practice to traumatized and disenfranchised youth. Yoga is one of the best practices for overcoming PTSD and anxiety. Watch and be inspired as Bibi brings beauty, breath, and being into chaos!


  1. I am a yoga therapist at a drug/alcohol addiction center, we also have a program for the military,
    many of our patients have PTSD
    I just did a Yoga Warrior Certification a couple of months ago, will be interested in reading your book. I have been working this program for six years.

  2. How wonderful Jilda! My book is due to be released on May 15 but you can pre-order it now from or barnes and noble. Thank you for your good work!